DA : 10
PA : 10
SS : 0% is a Trading company providing financial services and Fund Management services to their investors. Fingrow started in 2021 to serve their services between the small and large investor and help them to grow their ROI as per commitment. We have expert team of analyst to manage our investors fund along with safety and security.

Fingrow is dong trade in the FOREX (Foreign Exchange) and BSE / NSE (Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange). Our team is working on 4 types of trading strategy are as below.

1. Intraday Trade

2. Short Term Holding

3. Medium Term Holding

4. Long Term Holding

5. Fund Hedging

Your principle’s security is our first priority, And we are also doing Fund Hedging to secure your principle in any market situation.

We are happy to serve you better.

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